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Scientists have deciphered the enigma of another human evolution, confirming the hypothesis of the evolution of species: humans have emerged as a result of a genetic "mistakes".
Charles MacKintosh, Professor in the College of Natural Sciences at Dundee diin, sustains that 500 million years ago, a mutatie genetics led to the evolution of species.
Nevertebrata, a being that lived on the ocean floor, has suffered a number of duplicate genes which normally was supposed to reporducerii and mosteneasca as a result of such premises have been made necessary by the emergence of life forms evolved, and people.
According to Discovery News, the mutatie and took place at next-generation organizations, so that the number of genes doubled again.
Some of these beings disappeared, but another part has survived and evolved.
The researchers found these details a series of probing of human cells: protein 14-3-3.
Although I do not know exactly what makes our distant ancestor, scholars say that it was very similar to an actual body of invertebrate animal, called amphioxus ".
The way that proteins in cells lead to mutations and their further transmission ii can help doctors to find out details about the wide spreading of serious illnesses, such as diabetes or cancer.








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software is so called to distinguish it from computer hardware, which encompasses the physical interconnections and devices required to store and execute (or run) the software. At the lowest level, execunguage consists of groups of binary values signifying processor instructions that change the state of the computer from its preceding state. Programs are an ordered sequence of instructions for changing the state of the computer in a particular sequence. It is usually written in high-level programming languages that are easier and more efficient for humans to use (closer to natural language) than machine language. High-level languages are compiled or interpreted into machine language object code. Software may also be written in an assembly language, essentially, a mnemonic representation of a machine language using a natural language alphabet. Assembly language must be assembled into object code via an assembler.


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software: Software is a general term for the various kinds of programs used to operate computers and related devices. (The term hardware describes the physical aspects of computers and related devices.) Software can be thought of as the variable part of a computer and hardware the invariable part. Software is often divided into application software (programs that do work users are directly interested in) and system software (which includes operating systems and any program that supports application software). The term middleware is sometimes used to describe programming that mediates between application and system software or between two different kinds of application software (for example, sending a remote work request from an application in a computer that has one kind of operating system to an application in a computer with a different operating system). Software is often packaged on CD-ROMs and diskettes. Today, much purchased software, shareware, and freeware is downloaded over the Internet. A new trend is software that is made available for use at another site known as an application service provider. Some general kinds of application software include: Productivity software, which includes word processors, spreadsheets, and tools for use by most computer users Presentation software Graphics software for graphic designers CAD/CAM software Specialized scientific applications Vertical market or industry-specific software (for example, for banking, insurance, retail, and manufacturing environments) Firmware or microcode is programming that is loaded into a special area on a microprocessor or read-only memory on a one-time or infrequent basis so that thereafter it seems to be part of the hardware..


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24option fue fundada en 2010 y est regulada por FSC (cyprus). 24option es una plataforma de comercio binario (opciones binarias) nica y en lnea.



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