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 It's easy.

It starts with extremely known gum in pharmacy.

You can be successful in three days without the chewing gum that contains nicotine substitutes.

It works in the mouth. Where the act and the desire to take a cigarette.

Instead of making a rubber cigar in May to help you take a cigarette break between 3-4 hours.

It's normally the usual nicotine gum. Important as 4-6 days before starting to eat more fatty pork


Fats or lipids enter the blood acting on a deep cellular level feeding.

To speed up the process you have to sit on a chair hard day, at least 5 hours.

Or to sleep a few nights cool.

Those fats will accelerate the strengthening of the cell edge and, together with the sleeping and ancestors.

You observed at the beginning that some people will smoke more or as much.

Because the body is accelerated and produced lactic acid and muscle and get you some perceive as muscle pain.

This acid quickly leaves plenty of fluids to flush the .......

People unaccustomed to physical activity will only get rid of Hebrew muscle rest and fluids.

Continued gradual exercise is recommended. Preferably with breaks if the pain is intense.

So as much fat as fat or meat daily.

During this time you study your reaction has a hunger for a cigarette light.

All they give a very short period, and the apropiattilor expectations and yours.

Each body reacts aftfel depending on how it's used to exercise.

We expect their comments, which will help you re-read them.

So do not get any prostate and do not even pancreatitis.

Not to mention the desire to put in so crazy that you may have liver or else expand.


E foarte simplu.

Se incepe cu arhicunoscuta guma din farmacie.

Nu poti avea succes in 3 zile fara aceasta guma de mestecat, care contine substituenti de nicotina.

Acestia actioneaza la nivelul cavitatii bucale.

Acolo unde actioneaza si dorinta de a mai lua o tigare.

In loc de tigare mai desfaci o guma care te ajuta sa faci o pauza intre tigari de 3-4 ore.

E normal ai nicotina obisnuita din guma de mestecat.

Important ca inainte cu 4-6 zile de a incepe sa mananci carne de porc cat mai  grasa.





Grasimile sau lipidele intra in sange actionand la nivelul celulei hranind-o intens.

Pentru a putea accelera procesul trebuie sa stai zilnic pe un scaun tare, minim 5 ore.

Sau sa dormi cateva nopti pe ceva tare.

Acele lipide vor accelera procesul de intarire a muchilor si a celulei, impreuna cu acest dormit precum stramosii.

Vei obseva la inceput ca unele persoane vor fuma mai mult sau tot atat.

Din cauza ca organismul este accelerat si a produs acid lactic si ai febra musculara sau te unii percep ca dureri de muschi.

Acest acid iese repede cu cat mai multe lichide pentru al deversa la.......

Persoanele neobisnuite cu activitatea fizica vor scapa de ebra musculara numai prin odihna si lichide.

Continuarea treptata a efortului fizic e mai recomandata. Preferabil  cu pauze daca durerea e intensa.

Deci grasime cat mai multa zilnic sau carne cat mai grasa.

In acest timp te studiezi cum reactionezi la pofta de a mai aprinde o tigare.

Toate acestea dau intr-o perioada foarte scurta, asteptarile si ale apropiattilor si ale tale.

Fiecare organism reactioneaza aftfel in functie de cat e de obisnuit cu efortul fizic.

Asteptam si propriile comentarii, care te vor ajuta cand le recitesti.

Asa nu ajungi nici la prostata si nici pancreatita nu faci. C

a sa nu mai spun de dorinta aceea nebuna sa bagi in tine ca poate ai ficatul sau altceva expand.




Toate acestea se pot aplica si de catre cei obisnuiti cu alcoolul nu costa mai nimic grasimile sunt ieftine, si atat.

















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